Thursday, June 6, 2013

Open Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to St Louis kitchen remodeling, remodels that are designed to open up the space and increase the size of the kitchen are incredibly popular. While it used to be common to have a kitchen that was segregated from the rest of the home, as well as a separate dining room, most of today’s homeowners prefer a wide, open kitchen that is easily visible from the rest of the house. Many homeowners are also getting rid of their dining rooms completely and/or allowing the former dining room to add to the kitchen space. Even those who keep their dining rooms often make them a part of the kitchen, rather than a separate room.

When it comes to little changes like granite countertops, St Louis residents usually don’t have too much to worry about. For major St Louis kitchen remodeling projects, such as knocking down the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room, homeowners do have a lot of planning and thinking to do. If that separating wall is load-bearing, for example, tearing it down could damage the home’s structural design. For this reason, it’s always best to present your remodeling ideas to knowledgeable professionals and to have them explain to you whether or not your ideas are doable and, if so, what needs to be done to bring your ideas to life.

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